Perceptions of a Literary Magazine

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from John F. Buckley letting me know that one of the magazines that published a poem from our newest collaboration Yankee Broadcast Network looked fantastic. My mail came later that day with a  contributor copy of Perceptions, a literary magazine from Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon.

Starting with a cutout of the letters on the front cover to each page with unique design elements, Perceptions really made me want to turn the pages. Inside, was a combination of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, along with photography and artwork throughout, and a bonus of two CDs of Music & Spoken Word, and Film.

Reading Perceptions made me nostalgic for college again with work that took on the spectrum of political and social issues, both local and global, with some work a little too on the nose, and other work that hits you like a good college rock anthem. Props to Megan Jones, the editor, and baylee Brown and Jordenn Luff, the graphic designers. Works worthy of special attention include the poem Configuration of Cards: A Poker Poem by Changming Yuan and the short story The Cars by Ana Garcia Bergua (translated by Toshiya Camei).

Martin Ott


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