Fiction Spotlight: Lisa Mecham


On the same day I mentioned to my fellow Writeliving bloggers that I thought we were giving too much love to poets (not possible I know), I saw a Facebook post from multi-talented writer Colette Sartor giving kudos to the short short story Asylum by Lisa Mecham in Juked.  I have read the story a half dozen times and I am still amazed by it. The tone feels authentic and the subject matter is intense. The main characters in the story make you feel more than one way about them. And like many of the best pieces of flash fiction it hangs out there remarkably unresolved. Please check it out and share.

– Martin Ott

About the Author:

Lisa Mecham’s work has appeared in Carve, Barrelhouse Online, The Drum and other publications. She is a regular contributor to The Rumpus blog and a reader for Tin House. A midwesterner at heart, she currently lives in Los Angeles where she’s working on her first novel. More at

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