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Life’s a Pitch – The Downey Files

The Chris Downey Project

The Downey Files

Not long ago, TV writer and good friend Jill Condon passed on a podcast link to me about the Hollywood creative process: The Downey Files.

The concept is that writer and producer Chris Downey  is cleaning out his drawers of old pitch ideas written on cocktail napkins and takeout menus, and inviting other guest writers to join him in developing these concepts.

While the concept itself is tongue-in-cheek – some of those ideas are in a drawer for a reason – you get to hear talented, professional writers develop ideas from pitches into mini-treatments.

As someone who has done this process with four different screenwriting partners over the years, it is fun to listen in on others and how they approach the elements of theme, character, and story.

Even better, Chris and his guests have wit and imagination, and this series has shot up to the top of the list of favorite podcasts.

Check out The Downey Files – it’s better than just about everything you’re watching on TV or at the movies, and it’s especially fun for writers.

– Martin Ott

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Rocking the Electronic Typewriter

This weekend I went to see the play The Book of Mormon, which I laughed at repeatedly and occasionally felt bad about for doing so. Going to the performance, I walked past a Starbucks (surprised, right?) and found a gentleman rocking an electronic typewriter. He was writing, of all things, a screenplay, and masterfully zipping to the proper indentions as he pounded out the dialogue of what could be a masterpiece, or madness, or both. It was great to get some writing inspiration in Hollywood of all places. I’ll take it.

Martin Ott

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