About – Martin Ott

A veteran and long-time resident of Los Angeles, Martin Ott is the author of eight books of fiction and poetry, including the forthcoming sci-fi novel Spectrum and poetry book Lessons in Camouflage, C&R Press. He has won the De Novo and Sandeen Prizes for his books Captive and Underdays, and his novel The Interrogator’s Notebook is currently being pitched as a TV pilot by Paradigm.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ottpops
Site: www.martinottwriter.com

4 responses to “About – Martin Ott

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  2. Brad

    Martin –

    Good evening! Just finished “The Interrogator’s Notebook,” and REALLY enjoyed the the story — from cover-to-cover — it was excellent! Not sure if you have Grisham, Baldacci or DeMille mainstream aspirations (the story-telling talent undoubtedly exists within you), but I hope to see / read future works!

    Again, very well done, and congratulations!

    Best regards,



    • Hi Brad,
      Thanks so much for the kind comments. I was wondering if you’d consider giving the book a shout out on Amazon? I’m working on another novel now called Sunset Blinds that I hope will be as good or better than The Interrogator’s Notebook.


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