Get Creative Inspiration from Your Other Writing by Martin Ott

I have been known to double dip from the same creative concept and I highly recommend this process to other writers. Here’s a guest blog post “Get Creative Inspiration from Your Other Writing” on the North American Review blog.
– Martin Ott

Like many other poets, I have other creative outlets including fiction, non-fiction, and writing for TV and film. Sometimes research or creative output on one project can provide source material for work in other genres.

For example, the poem “Battlefield Typewriter” in the current issue of North American Review is the result of research I was doing to support the development of a TV pilot of my novel The Interrogator’s Notebook. I was surprised to discover that one of my favorite writers, J.D. Salinger, worked as an interrogator during WWII, and I found myself wondering how this experience impacted his personal life and writing life.

Writing Ball Keyboard

Over time, I’ve discovered that creative work can transform itself in strangest ways from one genre to another. I was once working on a screenplay, (The Impossible O’Donnell) about a magician, and one of my favorite scenes in it was the protagonist’s out-of-body…

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